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  • Jennah on 2012-Jan-28 03:32:39 Jennah said

    I told my gramndotehr how you helped. She said, "bake them a cake!"
  • Jeff on 2015-Apr-20 22:30:06 Jeff said

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  • Janardhan on 2015-Nov-28 14:21:27 Janardhan said

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  • Vitoria on 2015-Nov-28 20:52:12 Vitoria said

    Can't believe I haven't made a<a href="http://xsxiqtx.com"> doteur</a> after knowing so long about this place, but the Latin Cafe on S Hamilton in Whitehall is the *only* Dominican restaurant in the city. Sounds promising. I would have also pointed you guys to Lindo Mexican & Cambodian restaurant on Sullivant, but it looks like they are closed for good. A damn shame. Still, if you just pass Demorest heading west on Sullivant on the south side is a strip mall with Hashi African restaurant that has caught my attention.
  • Dablyo on 2015-Nov-30 08:55:10 Dablyo said

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  • Mounish on 2015-Dec-01 20:56:10 Mounish said

    We were talking about La Famosa on the Alt Eats food tour the other night and I <a href="http://xscfxwhzrpu.com">watned</a> to let you know that we drove by tonight and they have a sign on their door saying that they are closed for remodeling but will reopen soon. They did have the lights and TV on so they may have even been working tonight.
  • Namnae on 2015-Dec-03 07:02:10 Namnae said

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