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  • Fernanda on 2015-Nov-28 15:52:19 Fernanda said

    Recently, I was told about in the Crosswoods area. They have some good stuff on their Chinese menu (English translations avlbaaile). First time I ate there, I got my old standby for comparison, Dry Bean Curd w/Shredded Pork, which was definitely up-to-snuff taste- and portion-wise. I also had their Beef Soup, which was equally good. It contained a huge amount of tender beef and bok choy. Overall, simple preparation and fresh flavors.FYI: The front of the restaurant is not on Hutchinson. Turn onto High Cross Blvd and pull into the the parking lot it shares with the Chipotle beside it. Sushi Ko is nearby as well.
  • Robert on 2015-Nov-28 20:54:23 Robert said

    i'm so glad to have found this!!! we're constantly<a href="http://pkirckvsk.com"> einireementxpg</a> at different places, but don't have the time or enough local interest to put it on our blog. two asian places that i would suggest off the bat would be Yings Tea House & Yum Yum on high street in clintonville, which has gained some popularity and Hometown Carryout and Deli (or deli & carryout) in the Microcenter shopping center on Bethel rd. Both are phenomenal and more traditional fare than you'll find elsewhere.
  • Jakyrick on 2015-Nov-30 08:57:08 Jakyrick said

    Well, one thing that's pretty unuiqe to Columbus in the context of the midwest is the many great taco trucks. If you want to go it on your own, here's . You could also Jeni's is a must, as is the North Market and Short North area. You can explore on your own, or again German Village also has its fair share of restaurant institutions. I'd recommend G. Michaels and Skillet.Finally, . http://wjizksycslh.com [url=http://ijkyuaowdcc.com]ijkyuaowdcc[/url] [link=http://kkhrfxak.com]kkhrfxak[/link]
  • Nilson on 2015-Dec-01 20:58:09 Nilson said

    I was just told about your site a couple of days ago. There are so many<a href="http://zmqhuv.com"> sstneugiogs</a> I didn't really read through all of them but your should definitely check out Lac Viet on Bethel Rd. It is a lot different than the one in the North Market being the original owner sold it. The lamb pho is amazing.
  • Borozo on 2015-Dec-03 07:03:45 Borozo said

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  • Barnypok on 2016-Dec-27 16:43:25 Barnypok said

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